Ad banners for Google Adwords

Ad banners for Google Adwords 

Each of the communication channels speak to users in different ways. For radio audio way is used, video is used for television, for ads in social media static images or video are used.   Google Adwords has also one’s way of communication with users.  


What is an ad banner? 


Ads banners are the advertising images consisting of text, graphics, and animation.  


The main task of banners ads are: 

  • site traffic increase;
  • popularity of products growing;
  • positive attitude toward the brand creation. 


What are the types of ad banners?


Inform site users about company’s news: promotions, new products, etc.  



Promote certain goods and services that need to attract the attention of the target audience.


Branded (reminding)

Constant reminding users about the brand is the main aim of this type.   


Target banners

They are general in nature and advertise a particular online store. Designed for users who are interested in the product.


What are the banner formats and where are they placed?


Running ads through Google Adwords means that your ads will appear on sites that are part of the Google advertising network.


Banners are divided into the following types by location:


  • billboards (large digital posters), which are placed on the main pages of resources;
  • lightboxes (are placed at the top of the page or in the middle of the screen). Are demonstrated for 10-20 seconds and disappear;
  • flooded (interactive windows at the bottom of the screen);
  • wallpaper (a large ad unit that can move around the screen, taking into account the blank space).


By formats ad banners in Google Ads are divided into: 



Plain text block. Pros of such advertising: shown to users who have disabled the display of graphic content; fast loading; do not cut the eye of users.



Banner in the form of an image. This type of banner is the most massive.



This is a few seconds video advertising. Attracts users with download speed and brightness.


Quality advertising banners have a double effect: they bring new customers to the site and create a positive image of your product or company.