Adaptive website design and its main advantage

Adaptive website design is the website design that responds to those users’ needs who visit the site from smartphones. There are 3 types of website design: for desktop, for tablet and for smartphone.  For each of these devices the site will have a different appearance. 

The number of purchases made from smartphones is increasing. That’s why brands need to customize their websites so that mobile versions are as user-friendly as desktop versions. 

This issue can be easily solved by adaptive design of website 


Do you need adaptive design


Yes, definitely you do need it! The amount of mobile traffic is growing and Google takes into account whether your website is adaptive in ranking, people spend a lot of time on smartphones and therefore making purchasing with smartphones comfortable is highly important.
вигляд не адаптивного сайту під смартфони

Site without adaptive design
адаптований сайт під смартфони

Adaptive design site

What tools can help to check how the website looks on a smartphone  


Built-in tool in Google Chrome

The easiest way. How to do it? 

  • visit the website you need to check;
  • right-click;
  • click on “Check”;
  • then follow the instruction below

гугл інструмент для перевірки чи адаптивний сайтгугл інструмент для перевірки чи адаптивний дизайн сайту

гугл інструмент для адаптації сайту, інструкція

There are other standard software for checking the adaptation issue.  Their functionality is almost similar and easy to use: just insert your website adress and you can see tit’s appearence on different devices. 

Mobile-Friendly Test Resizer



Mobile responsive design testing

As well as extensions for Google Chrome:  Mobile/RWD Tester


гугл інструмент для адаптації сайту, інструкція

What are the advantages of adaptive design?


  • convenience for visitors;
  • audience growth;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • visibility in Google increases. 


With an adaptive design, shopping on your site will be easier for users, which in turn will increase conversions. Without a mobile version of the website you simply lose potential customers.

The types of different site platforms were mentioned in the article Site platform: what type of platform is better to choose