Google Advertising and Google Ads as a tool

What is Google advertising and what is Google Ads for?

Google Ads is a platform for advertising from Google. It is one of the biggest networks in the world.  

This is an ad on the Google search network. We can see it every day while googling for information. Google Ads is designed to customize this ad. 


What ads can run with Google Ads? 

The most popular type of advertising is search advertising. This is an ad that is created based on user searches.

Search advertising looks like this: 

google advertising


To create such ad you should:

  • write a text that your clients would like;
  • indicate  the keywords in settings that will be googled by people. For example you sell soap and believe that people will google a phrase “buy soap” while searching. This phrase and another possible one you should indicate in ad settings. 

Of course everything is not so simple. There are many different points in search advertising you should know. For example, how Google auction works, how you compete with other businesses, types of keywords and more. 


Display network

This is not a simple text advertising, and everything is designed in banners and people can see some certain images. These banners are placed on partner sites of Google network. There are lots of such sites in Ukraine.  

The advantage of this type of advertising is that you show a nice image to the users that makes them click and buy your product.

Setting of advertising in the Display network differs from search advertising. There are more opportunities preferences advertising and advertising to a specific audience.  


Remarketing is a separate type of Google advertising.  This type of ads helps to return users to your site. 

For example, some users visited your site, looked through some goods and left the site. That customer will see ads of your site on other partner sites in Google if you customize remarketing. This will be the impetus for a purchase.

Remarketing can also be used in case when a customer left goods in a cart and did not make a purchase. Remarketing can help you to remind a customer about left goods in a cart or inform the customer about a discount. 

This type of advertising is also customized in Google Ads with Google Analytics using. 

The huge advantage of remarketing is that it is two times cheaper than Display network. 

Dynamic remarketing

There is also dynamic remarketing.  Installation of specific code on the site is required in order to customize dynamic remarketing.

The essence of dynamic remarketing is that due to the code installed on the site, a certain set of data for each product is created. That is, if a person visits the site, browses the product, then the image of this product catches up with the user on the Internet.

The advantage of this type of remarketing is that you can automatically customize it for all the products on your site.

Merchant Center

This is a platform from Google that allows us to customize so-called shopping campaigns. 

How to make it?  You take the whole list of products and their parameters from your site, format them in a file, upload it to Merchant Center and due to it run the following ads: 

вигляд Merchant Center

Thus, Google displays not the site but the products at once. 

CTR of such ads is higher than in other types of Google advertising. By the way, prices for this advertising are low now in Ukraine. 

! CTR (click-through rate) is the ration of the number of clicks on the ad to the number of its impression.