Facebook advertising types and their features

Facebook advertising types provide many variants of campaigns. All of them are different with particular features. Let’s make out how they work. 

Facebook advertising types are divided by 11 campaigns:


Brand awareness

This type of advertising is aimed at acquainting users with the brand or company. It is one of the simplest and most efficient and laso it works great on Instagram. With this type of advertising you can tell about yourself to those people who are interested.


Reaching your audience with Facebook advertising

This type of advertising will help to increase the number of people who can see your ad and the frequency of its displaying. Reach campaign should be run when you need everybody in the target audience see your ad.


This advertising type will be useful when you need to increase the number of visitors of your site/Instagram account/app. This is one of the most popular advertising type because it’s clear and affordable: you transfer people from social networks to the platform you need (site, Instagram account, application or even conversation in Messenger or WhatsApp).


Facebook advertising for engagement

You can engage people in a post or page. You can increase the number of people who will visit your site or account and like it (increasing the number of subscribers) with this tool. Also we can increase the number of those who can see your post and like it, comment it or repost it. 


This type of advertising can help to increase your brand’s interaction with Facebook users. It is also useful when you customize an event and need more people mark as “Interested”.  


There is also an option for applications. If you need to increase the number of your app downloading you can run this type of advertising. When a user downloads the app – the user is transferred to GooglePlay чи AppStore. 


Showing video about product or service

Video advertising is a great and efficient way to tell people about your brand. Typically, videos reach more users than images. This type of advertising can help to increase the number of people who interact with the video. 


Leads generating

This type of advertising helps to collect the information without leaving Facebook. People fill in certain form where they type their contact data and you can contact them or these people can answer your questions. 


This type simplifies interaction for users, because you do not have to go beyond the social network. It also works great for price lists orders, calls, etc.


You can upload the collected information either directly from Facebook or by connecting it to CRM. 


Facebook advertising for conversions

This advertising type is used to increase the number of conversions on the site. Before running this ad you should install Facebook Pixel. 


There is also catalog sale – one more option to increase conversion.  This advertising is shown to these people who had been recently looking for your product or service on Facebook or Instagram.  Installation of additional tools is required for work with his type of advertising.  


Advertising for visiting offline points

This type of advertising is useful for offline points’ owners (shops, showrooms, beauty salons, etc.). The advertising messages will be seen by those people who live near the offline point and those who have ever visited it.


To customize this ad you need to connect Locations – the tool that can help place your outlets on the map. This will help customers find the point faster, offer localized materials, manage all the points from one place, collect visit marks on the main page.   


Facebook advertising for Messages

This is the newest advertising type on Facebook. On clocking this ad opens a chat in Messenger of WhatsApp. It allows you to reach those people who are likely to answer your questions.  


The choice of advertising type for your products or services depends on your goals.


If your goal is to stimulate the customers to make purchases then you fit: for traffic, for conversions, video of products or services, engagement, reach, apps installation, catalog sale or offline visits.  


If your goal is to get the reaction for your content than you better use advertising for brand awareness or publication involvement.

If your goal is to increase brand/product awareness, then we use ads for brand awareness, for engagement, showing  videos about products or services, reach and offline points visiting. 

If your goal is to develop customers base then you should use advertising for traffic, lead generation and conversions.