Site platform: what type of platform is better to choose

Site platform is a set of tools and software solutions for creating a functional site. You can write a site or use a ready-made service with a huge set of tools.  

Writing a site platform is a difficult piece of work and is not required of everybody. Most written platforms are used for large online stores. The rest of the businesses work with ready-made services.  


There are a lot of such services, each of them has its own features. Recall that conditionally all platforms can be divided into 3 types:  

–  for e-commerce and for blogs ( WordPress, Open Cart, Shopify, PrestaShop, Drupal)

– for landing page landing-page (Carrd, Instapage) 

– constructors (Wix, Tilda)


Let’s talk more about the most popular of these services


WordPress is a platform that is used for most sites in the world. This is a very convenient and easy to use service with a huge number of tools inside. This platform contains thousands of ready to use and  designs that are price available.  The main advantage of WordPres is its popularity. Precisely because it is so popular, there is a lot of information on working with it and many developers who will support your site. 


Open Cart is another platform that is great for e-commerce projects. It contains many tools and plugins that can help with site creation.  There are, as well as on  WordPress, options of free and  paid designs.


Shopify is a rather specific site platform for Ukraine, it is often used  in the United States. This platform is more expensive than others because it includes the hosting service. But nevertheless, it has a huge pro – it is perfect for e-commerce. Shopify is extremely fine integrated with all possible advertising and analytics services.


Сarrd and Instapage are the platforms for landing-page creation. If you need to create a one-page business card site about you as a person or about the service you provide, feel free to use these services. You can easily create such a site with these platforms.  There are also good design options to help you.


By the way, Instapage is also suitable for e-commerce. There is an option to integrate Google Tag Manager,  lots of analytics is connected, to set goals, and to discover the behavior of users. 

Wix is a simple site platform, a site constructor. You can make a business card site, a page of your business, and an online store. Of course, this will cost a certain price.

Among the cons of Wix are: the cart can not be changed, there are some restrictions for languages in the cart, analytics and this service is a little bit slow. 


In general, before choosing a site platform, determine for what purposes you need it.  This will help you to understand better which of the platforms you need. 

Good luck!