Site promotion: tracking KPI advised by Adverto

Site promotion will be efficient and resultative in case the whole process is controlled. The system of KPIs is developed for this purpose. 


! KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is a set of metrics and reflect the performance of success of the organization in terms of progress and achieving its goals. 


 What indicators should be tracked with site promotion? 


Depending on what goals you are persuading. There exist such metrics: 


Dynamics of site visit

Traffic plays a very important role, because the more people visit your site, the more sales you get. You can easily track the number of visitors and compare it with Google Analytics.  It looks like this: 

відстеження кількості відвідувань сайту

Visibility by keywords

This metric allows us to understand what queries our site is showing in search. We can also find out the average positions of the site in the issue and the CTR behind them. This allows us to evaluate the site traffic growth and overall potential for increasing site traffic.  These data are available due to Google Search Console

Видимість за ключовими словами при оптимізації сайту

! CTR (click-through rate) – the ratio of the number of clicks on the ad to the number of its impressions.


Conversion rate

This indicator helps us to find out what part of the site visitors buys / leaves a request from you, etc.  The conversion rate is calculated by the following formula:


Site conversion = number of orders from the site / number of visitors * 100%



This metric should be tracked to find out how the audience’s loyalty towards your brand changes.  

контроль просування сайту: Кількість нових відвідувачів та тих, які повернулись 


Remarketing is applied to make the users come back to the site. 


Failure rate

This shows the number of visitors who left the site from the login page.  This usually happens when people do not find what they were looking for. This indicator can be analyzed both to the whole site and to separate pages.  показник відмов

Traffic sources

This metric indicates the sources from which people come to the site. That is the way to find out what are the most efficient communication channels.

КРІ при просуванні сайту: джерела трафіку

Indicator of achieving goals

These figures will help to track actions of the site visitors (filling out the form, going to another page, downloading files and more). 

Показник досягнення цілей

Purchase ratio

This indicator helps to find out what the quantity of people views the site and how many of them make a purchase. 

Коефіцієнт здійснених покупок

Customer acquisition cost

This metric helps to measure the efficiency of each customer acquisition channel. It is calculated by the following formula: 


Customer acquisition cost = budget allocated to the traffic channel / number of visitors who came from this channel


There could be more purchases from the channels that provide less traffic and vice versa. 


Average check

Another important indicator that directly affects the brand’s profits. It is calculated by the formula:  


Average check = quantity of goods sold / number of orders



This is an indicator of the return on advertising investment. Here is the formula by which it is determined: 


ROI = пprofit – advertising costs / advertising costs * 100%


These KPIs will help to track the impact of the site for business and to measure the efficiency of a particular channel of internet-marketing. To begin with, you can not calculate all the indicators, but identify 3-4 that are most suitable for your business.