Website analytics: what ist it for and how to use it

Website analytics – what is it?

Website analytics is a system that helps us to select and understand information about website behavior. With the help of analytics, you, as a business owner, can understand more thoroughly who your target audience is, how it will behave on the Internet and what steps you should do next.

It often happens this way: a company develops a good website, orders a good design, launches a product sale and these are all steps.  It is very important to analyze everything that happens on the site when customers start visiting it in order for the business growth and sales increase.


Why analytics for your website?

It is for clear understanding the state of your sales, how customers or readers behave  how people react to your content


What specific information can we collect from the site and what to do with it?

Traffic (where people come to your site)

Sessions (time spent by the user on the site)

Behavior on the site (what buttons users press, the depth of scroll, what goods buy or do not buy, what goods are left in the cart).

These data are required to understand what is going on with the content on the site. When we know how a user behaves on the site we can change the site for the user. And this step will increase people’s involvement in content and the sales. Or due to the obtained data we can change the product. Sometimes the problem might be with the product.


The main services that can help in gathering analytics

There are various of the services but we consider these 7 to be the most important:

Google Analytics  is a piece of code installed on all pages of the site. The code itself helps to track the simplest parameters (language, city, gender, age, number of users). We can use Google Analytics more widely when we connect it to Google Search Console and Google Ads. 

Google Search Console is the analytics for organic traffic. This service helps us to understand how the search engine indexes our site. The Search Console is also embedded in the code. With the service we can find out how many pages are in the Google cache, what the organic query users find on the site and where there are any problems with indexing.

Google Tag Manager is the tool for tracking tags on a site. That means it transmits information about each button on the site and the users’ interaction with the button to Google Analytics. This tool is also useful for installing various scripts and other services for data collection without intruding into the site code.

Google data studio is the panel where one can collect an information report on the work of one’s site. This service is useful to see the entire state of a site and to share the whole picture with others, without obscure graphs and numbers. The reports are displayed clear with infographics.

Google optimize is known all over the world but it is not very popular in Ukraine. This service helps to perform an A/B test (an experiment that allows us to test our hypotheses about site optimization). 

For example one believes that the sales are low because the button “BUY” is blue instead of red. To test this hypothesis one can run an A/B test through Google Optimize and see whether users buy when the “BUY” button is red. In essence one directs the traffic into 2 streams: with the blue button and the red one. 

All Google services are free.

Facebook pixel is a free tool that helps to transmit to Facebook data collected from the website. You can manage remarketing in social media, collect information about the behavior of siteusers after installing Facebook Pixel. Based on this information Facebook can help us to create efficient ads for certain groups of users. 

Crazy Egg is a service that helps to understand the behavior of people on the site. The service is paid, but you can get free access every month.